Yolanda Stith
Lead Pastor of ANWA Baltimore

Hello everyone, my name is Yolanda Stith. I have served as a Pastor for over 11 years; I previously worked as a Branch Supervisor at Bank of America for 10 years. Through this experience, I believe that there are a few things that I can contribute to the AN Collective. I am a forward thinker, a bridge-builder and a lover of unity. I enjoy seeing the Kingdom of God advance! As a female lead Pastor, I believe that I carry a unique anointing to persevere and overcome with the grace of femininity. A woman born in obscurity, now standing in promise! I believe that my strongest contributions to the Collective will be in the areas of prayer, creativity and quality assurance. Efficiency is important and attention to detail will eventually create a culture of excellence. I am extremely honored to serve the pastors of the All Nations Collective. The mandate of our movement is a powerful one! I believe that if we stand together, we will preserve the future of the Church!