What is ACCESS?

The Access campaign has been created to provide churches an opportunity to serve their community to address systemic poverty, specifically pertaining to literacy and technology. Reading is an important aspect for the growth and development of the brain, great for health and wellness and supports job equality. We also know that technology is rapidly advancing and those without access to today’s technological resources do not have the same opportunities as those that do.

To join this fight against systemic poverty, we want to ensure that those in our communities (including both, parents and children) have access to learning programs, research tools, resume building opportunities and more. Together, we can begin to change our communities, which ultimately will help change the world.

How to get started

Participants in the ACCESS campaign can create any community service project in their community that will point to providing access to literacy and technology. There are several options for the size and scope of your project based on the needs in your community. Let’s get started!



Whether you select to partner with a group home for youth or a shelter for domestic violence survivors, we want you to make an impact in your community surrounding your church by providing a resource centered around literacy and or technology.



Remember, no contribution is too large or too small! We suggest recruiting all ages and having a coordinator that can manage sign-ups throughout the duration of the project. Whatever it takes to get this project completed! Your church has the freedom to design this project based on what is manageable.



Once the logistics are finalized, it’s time to get your project registered! We want to be aware of your project’s timeline, scope and budget. By registering you can ensure that your project will get our attention. Please have your project coordinator register here on this site.


Will our team be responsible for any hands-on training and volunteer work during this project?

Yes, you will be responsible for assembling and training the volunteers from your campus. There will be training videos available from AN Foundation that your team can watch in addition to the directives your team lead provides.

Is there a volunteer goal (people, hours, etc) for this project?

The number of volunteers needed will depend on the scope of your project. You should encourage anyone within your church to participate. This will be a good opportunity to get some of your youth involved to fulfill their service learning/community service hours for graduation.

How would you like us to measure the success of this project?

Initial success will be knowing that you brought a resource into the community that was not already available. Overall success for the project will be measured overtime through follow up with the center, to receive information on how often the space is being used.

Can the reading and technology space be inside of the ANC campus as well or does it have to be off-site?

While our goal is to take these resources into the community, you are more than welcome to create a space within your church that will be accessible to those who need it.

Would the operating hours be something the ANC establishes or is it at the discretion of each campus?

If the space is created inside of your church, you will be responsible for establishing the operating hours and parameters for use of the space.

Have additional questions?

If you have more questions please contact Raleigh Mayberry, Director of AN Foundation at [email protected]