All Nations Foundation

All Nations Foundation was created to preserve the future of the church through our charitable and philanthropic efforts. AN Foundation will create a pathway for our organization to respond to the greater needs of our cities and nations. Our goal is to expand the church’s reputability in the areas of philanthropy and humanitarianism. 

Focus Areas

Systemic Poverty

The systemic poverty programs will include education and resources for credit repair, becoming debt free, how to start your own business etc. We will provide opportunities to partner and collaborate with government, businesses, philanthropic, and non-profit organizations to achieve a common goal of long-lasting social change.

Prison Reform

In fulfilling the call to bring cultural and social transformation, prison reform will work to mentor and equip those facing youth and adult incarceration, to help them prepare for re-entry to society.

World Mission

This program will provide care, resources and support for individuals and families across the world. We will introduce short-term missions opportunities as well as disaster relief efforts, for those who desire to participate in our global and local relief efforts.

Chronic Disease Support

The program is committed to raising awareness and care for those suffering from chronic illnesses. This initiative will provide research, education, spiritual, emotional, and financial support to those who may be diagnosed with chronic diseases to include preventative measures against them. We will also launch a support program which will include incentives for Pastors who commit to regular health screenings and good health practices.

The Access campaign has been created to provide churches an opportunity to serve their community to address systemic poverty, specifically pertaining to literacy and technology. Reading is an important aspect for the growth and development of the brain, great for health and wellness and supports job equality. We also know that technology is rapidly advancing and those without access to today’s technological resources do not have the same opportunities as those that do.

To join this fight against systemic poverty, we want to ensure that those in our communities (including both, parents and children) have access to learning programs, research tools, resume building opportunities and more. Together, we can begin to change our communities, which ultimately will help change the world.

Serve with us!

AN Foundation is committed to providing volunteer opportunities throughout the year, for everyone to be involved with serving their community. Whether you are a Partner at an ANWA Campus, a business owner, or someone who simply has a heart to serve, there’s a place for you. Once you complete our volunteer application, you will be notified when projects are happening in your city.