All Nations Collective exists to build a global community of progressive churches focused on impacting the world with the message of Jesus manifested in social, cultural and spiritual reformation, with a future focus. We will accomplish this through church planting, leadership development, & relational empowerment. Our belief is that the intentional partnership of church leaders can transform and change the lives of individuals, who will then, change cities and ultimately the world.


  • Manifesting Jesus Christ
  • The Demonstrations of the Holy Spirit
  • The Future – Missionaries of the future (Church, Approach, Reach, & Culture)
  • City Transformation and Impact
  • Leadership Development & Continued Education
  • Relational Community & Peer Accountability
  • Healthy Family Life
  • Leadership Integrity
  • Verifiable Growth (Reproduction & Multiplication)
  • Redemptive Ministry & Reaching the Broken (Sensitivity to the Human Condition)
  • Economic Empowerment and Financial Stewardship
  • Creative Expressions & Presentations
  • Bridging Generations
  • Doctrinal Integrity

Our Global Senior Pastor

Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson, III  is a global influencer, culturalist and visionary, violently raised up by God during this complex moment in history.  As a decorated scholar and former professional academic, he uses his background to complement his leadership style and approach to strategy . . .

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