Preserving the Future of the Church Through Collective Influence

What is all nations collective?

All Nations Collective exists to build a global community of progressive churches focused on impacting the world with the message of Jesus manifested in social, cultural and spiritual reformation, with a future focus. We will accomplish this through church planting, leader development, & relational empowerment. Our belief is that the intentional partnership of church leaders can transform and change the lives of individuals, who will then, change cities and ultimately the world.
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All Nations Worship Assembly Churches

All Nations Church is the church planting stream of the collective. We are ONE church with many expressions around the world. Whether adopted or a new plant, these are All Nations Worship Assembly (ANWA) churches that share the same DNA in name, experience, organization, & culture.
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All Nations Affiliates, although autonomous and unique in design, are churches that have submitted to the collective as their primary oversight for spiritual accountability, deeper connectivity, and overall church empowerment. These are not “All Nations Worship Assembly” churches however; they are key partners to our collective global vision.
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Ethnos College is an academic environment specifically for upcoming/potential pastors and leaders regarding all things All Nations Culture, All Nations Experience, & All Nations Organization. Ethnos allows students to delve in subjects and studies such as, The Anatomy of the ANC Movement, Corporate Finance, Team Management & Development, Leadership Psychology, and so much more.

From Our Global Senior Pastor


A leader’s responsibility is to show the people how to get from here to there.

- Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson, III

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